2018 - A Year in Review


Working towards our vision - ''Connecting our Community, Inspiring Adventures'

In 2015 the Queenstown Trails Trust devised a grand plan to focus the next decade on building trails, connecting our communities via safe, direct, off-road routes so our kids and workers can cycle (or walk) to school, work or the shops. We also want to inspire adventures by bike and foot and to do this we need to build more recreational trails of a greater variety. 3 years into our grand plan and we've acheived so much. 2018 alone saw the Trust open 5 new trails and make great headway into our Queenstown Trail Re-alignment plans which will ultimately create 38kms of new trails including 3 new bridges, 4 new underpasses and 1 historic tunnel refurbishment. But this project isnt just about the building of trails, a big part of what we do is about creating public access to currently unaccessable parts of Queenstown. 

Arthurs Point Tunnel

Arthurs Point Tunnel

2018 Trail Achievements 

Shotover Delta Trail
After some prolonged negotiations to satisfy H&S requirements, November 2018 saw a new section of trail opened. Running behind the gravel pits beside the Shotover River providing a significantly improved trail experience and removing the hazard of sharing the Delta Road with heavy trucks.

Tuckers Beach Trail
Constructed by the Rotary Club of Queenstown and supported by Queenstown Trails Trust, this new trail from the Old Lower Shotover Bridge to the Wildlife Management Reserve was complete in September 2018 and provides a lovely grade 2 meander beside the Shotover River with stunning views to Coronet Peak. Plans to enhance the exit to Tucker Beach Road and link with an improved gradient trail over Hansen Road are also underway.

Tuckers Beach Trail Opening

Tuckers Beach Trail Opening

Lower Shotover Trail
With support from DoC and the Lower Shotover Conservation Trust, we have opened a new grade 4 route linking Littles Road to the Old Lower Shotover Bridge along the true left of the Shotover. It’s a very scenic trail offering a completely new perspective on the basin and will eventually form part of the link from Arthurs Point to Tucker Beach with the addition of a suspension bridge.

Coronet Loop - Phase 1
With enormous thanks to Soho Properties and QEII, Stage 1 (Water Race) is virtually complete, linking Rude Rock carpark to Slip Saddle. With great reviews from local cyclists. We are now underway the planning and approval process for phase 2 through Deep Creek to 8 Mile Creek back to Arrowtown. This will be an amazing asset for the Queenstown trail scene.

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Mt Beetham Summit Trail
A new poled walking route from the top of Tobins Track and cresting the summit of Mt Beetham for stunning views of the Basin.

Queenstown Trail Re-alignment - Project Update
2018 saw the Trust advance our Business Case for the major realignment to link Arrowtown to Arthurs Point and onwards to Tucker Beach for funding approval and are finding good support from QLDC who are working concurrently on the ‘Active Transport Network Business Case’. This will also include trails from the growing communities of Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country, along the true right of the Kawarau and linking with a commuter trail from Jacks Point and Hanley’s farm to cross the river at Boyd Road.

The re-alignment plans, once complete will add greatly to our growing network of trails including tunnels and bridges, singletrack and commuter trails, routes for kids to cycle to school safely, or off-road connections to your favourite MTB trails; a network which serves commuters and students with a safe and integrated transport method as well as a readily accessible recreational opportunity for both residents and tourists alike.

Annual Trail Maintenance - From Good To Great!
As one of the 22 Nga Haerenga Great Rides, we have the opportunty to apply for joint venture funding from national goverment (MBIE). We were pleased to have our funding application for over $300,000 accepted allowing us to work with QLDC to manage upgrades to Domain Road/Lower Shotover Road, install safety barriers along the Arrow River, a new connection linking the Kawarau Falls Bridge to Kawarau Falls Scenic Reserve via an underpass, plus so much more.


2019 and beyond - Big Plans Ahead...

The goals of the Queenstown Trails Trust stay the same:

  • Expand and enhance our current network of trails - a trail within 5 minutes of every community
  • Protect future opportunties for public access
  • Increase use of our trails by residents and visitors
  • Build sustainable funding strategies for ongoing maintenance and improvements

2019 will see the Queenstown Trails Trust focus our energies on the following projects:

Coronet Loop - Phase 2
The Queenstown Trails Trust are continuing to work with landowners, Soho Properties, QEll, LINZ, DoC, NZ Walking Access Commission and Heritage NZ to build a 56km backcountry single track ride called ‘The Coronet Loop’, the front face section from Bush Creek is already open and riding well. e are now planning for stage 2 through Deep Creek to 8 Mile Creek,back to Arrowtown, which we hope will get approval and commence after winter 2019. This is an epic project, opening up QEII land to the public, and includes the refurbishment of a couple of huts for future overnight adventures.

Queenstown Trail Re-alignment Project
By Easter 2019 we are hoping to be at the stage of lodging consent with QLDC for phase 1 of the re-alignment project from Arrowtown to Arthurs Point and then onwards to Lower Shotover. We are also hoping the national governement (MBIE) will confirmed 50% funding for phase 1, it then becomes our job to find the rest locally, this is where we need your help. 

Our ambitions plans are striving ahead on time and to schedule and we hope that by the end of 2019 we'll be digging a new off-road trail from Arrowtown to Arthurs Point and the Coronet Loop trail will be on its way to being complete. However we need community buy in and financial support to ensure the projects keep ticking along.

We believe if everyone who uses the trails gave as little as $25 per year, we'd be in a really good position to prove we have support from our local community and reallyt benefitting our funding applications with local community funding trusts and QLDC. Therefore we have set an ambitions goal, can you help us reach our 2019 Friends of the Trust fundraising target of $80,000?

Take action and join our Friends of the Trust supporters programme today from as little as $25 per year.


Thank you we appreciate your support.

Great Ride Realignment Big Idea Map V3

Great Ride Realignment - help us bring this project into fruition.





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